Alfresco: Inner Sanctuary

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A connection to nature, that welcomes the outdoors in. 

Create a cosy, communal vibe in the salon with an abundance of sunlight, filled with natural looking, textured furnishings.

Alfresco: Inner Sanctuary – Embrace Nature in Your Salon

Imagine a salon space that connects you with nature and brings the outdoors in. With our Alfresco: Inner Sanctuary collection, you can create a cozy, communal vibe filled with sunlight and natural looking, textured furnishings. This design style, enriched with wood finishes and natural finishes, gives an earthy twist to your salon, making it a true oasis for your clients.

Salon Design Inspiration: Shop the Alfresco Style with Sage Green, Textured Black, and Timber Salon Furniture

Elevate your salon design with lush foliage and a nature-inspired palette. Our collection features a harmonious blend of sage green, textured black, and timber salon furniture with matte black metal finishes. These elements come together to create a tranquil sanctuary, where your clients can relax and rejuvenate. Shop the Alfresco style today and let your salon resonate with the serene vibes of nature.

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Make a statement with indoor plants.
It can make a big difference to style up the space for a look that’s down to earth. 

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